The Most Popular Poker Rooms in the World!

There are more poker players online at any moment now than there was total in the entire year of 1998. Over the past 15 years there have been several different leaders in the online poker industry. Party Poker used to dominate the industry until the united states government arrested the CEO Flip poker Tournament of Party Poker, Calvin Ayre, for breaking a new law that made it illegal for banks to receive money from poker rooms. Calvin Ayre was just listed in 2010 as one of the richest people in the world on Forbes annual richest peoples list.

Things have settled down a lot since then but it is still illegal in the usa and france to receive funds from all gambling sites. The most popular rooms as of 2010 is listed as the following:

1. – 125,000+ poker players online at any given time

2. – 65,000+

3. – 22,000+

4. – 15,000+

5. – 12,000+

6. – 10,000+

7. – 10,000+

8. – 8,000+

9. – 6,200+

10. – 4,500+ is by the largest poker room but that does not mean they have the best game play or the most poker fish. From my experience Full Tilt Poker is the best poker room with the most fish, best software and a lot of money to be made! All of these poker rooms offer large cash bonuses on first deposit on sign up so please make sure go get your poker bonus code here to get all the bonus information.

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